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As a sculptor, my pieces are always in various stages of  completion.  Most pieces take several weeks to finish, however during the creation process other works may come about that I do not use as representation of my work.  They are rarely shared with the public.  These pieces maybe drawings, collages or paper sculptures that incorporate mixed media elements.  I often prepare samples for my classes as well as keep a collage journal consisting of project extras left over by my students. 

A small view of  the collage pieces within my collage journal with  my students version of "gestural drawing."  Each of them contain a face piece from a watch, referencing the time element or the lack there of for my students in art class.  These gestural drawing images were part of a class project that required multiple copies of one image.  

    Collage w/ student drawing                     Collage w/ student drawing

     Student Drawing w/ Ink print sample