StoneWomynArt by Michelle

Bare Ur Soul; StoneLuv


As a sculptor, my pieces are always in various stages of  completion.  Most pieces take several weeks to finish, however during the creation process other works may come about that I do not use as representation of my work.  They are rarely shared with the public.  These pieces maybe drawings, collages  or cardboard built cities or rooms that incorporate mixed media elements.  I often prepare samples for my classes as well as keep a collage journal consisting of projects extras left over by my students. Working in the collage journal  fills the void when frustration kicks in with my pieces. 

 These collage pieces contains my students version of "gestural drawing", the last collage has an ink print from another class project. Each of them contain a face piece from a watch, referencing the time element or the lack there of for my students in art class.  These gestural drawing images were part of a class project that required multiple copies of one image.  The last drawing is a doodle drawing that I did using sharpies.


    College w/ student drawing                     Collage w/ student drawing


                             Student Drawing w/ Ink print sample   Napihedz II